WORLDSOILS in CAPIGI 2023 Conference

On May 9th 2023, WORLDSOILS will be presented by Bas van Wessemael (UCLouvain) at CAPIGI 2023 Conference, in Amersfoort ‘Earth Valley’, the Netherlands.

CAPIGI 2023 we will explore how, more and more, geospatial technologies, robots, decision support and artificial intelligence systems enter the fields, farms and the agri-business at large. In this context, WORLDSOILS has much to contribute to the sector: soil geo-data, more specifically SOC data, is changing the production towards more organic farming practises, as required by the new Common Agriculture Policy, the land cover changes across Europe and the coming EU Carbon Removal Certification Proposal.

Space based remote sensing of soil parameters and agricultural practises still entail important challenges. The experience won by the ESA funded WORLDSOILS project will certainly enlighten discussions at CAPIGI.