Join the stakeholder group

WORLDSOILS invites you to engage in the project as a stakeholder so if you are interested, contact us at, and provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Organisation
  • Main thematic areas of activity
  • Country
  • Why are you interested on becoming a stakeholder

Current stakeholders

Steering Committee

The project is supported by a Steering Committee providing policy and programmatic guidance and link to parallel on-going international activities:

WORLDSOILS Steering Committee Logos

National Centers Reporting on Soils (Project Validators)

The project consortium is supported by representatives of three National Reference Centres of Soil that will provide support to validate the generated products, assessing its adequacy, utility and value in the three case studies regions:



Representatives from different organisations are participating as stakeholders in close cooperation with the consortium team for the development of the SOC monitoring system:

WORLDSOILS Stakeholder Ecosystem

One of the WORLDSOILS mandate is engaging and bringing together authoritative end users with a mandate on reporting on soils, the proximal soil mapping community, the digital soil mapping community and EO experts. These users will work in close cooperation developing soil indices relevant for monitoring the global top soils as baseline information for downstream research, institutional and commercial applications and services (e.g. reporting, soil management systems, agricultural applications, etc.)

WORLDSOILS has identified two broad stakeholders groups with specific interest and influence on soil management:

  • Institutional
    • Policy Makers (EC institutions, National reporting soil centers)
    • Scientific Community
    • International and European Initiatives (FAO GSP, EEA EIONET, GEO-LDN, etc.)
  •  Industry & General Public
    • Agricultural business (farmers, agri-consultants, fertilizing companies, etc.)
    • EO business (EO SMEs, ICT developers)
    • Paying Agencies
    • General Public (Citizens, NGOs, Media)

An initial group of stakeholders have been already identified and engaged in the project. 

Thus, representatives from EC JRCEC DG GROWEEA EIONETFAO GSP and AgroParisTech  are providing policy and programmatic guidance and linking the project to parallel on-going international activities.

In addition, three European national reporting soil centers (SPW, VUMOP and ELGO) have been also engaged as stakeholders for validating the system and assessing its adequacy, utility and value.