WORLDSOILS at the ESA Living Planet Symposium

On Friday, May 27, 2022, the WorldSoils project was presented at the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022 held in Bonn (Germany) in the A3.02.1 Towards a space-based Earth Observation Soil Monitoring System session chaired by Dr. Zoltan Szantoi (ESA – European Space Agency) and Prof. Dr. Pasquale Borrelli (University of Pavia).

Around forty attendees gathered on Friday afternoon to listen to the oral presentations given by some members of the consortium in which the results of various activities carried out within the frame of the WorldSoils project were presented.

During this session, Nikolaos Tziolas from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Environment (Greece) presented“The convolutional neural networks for soil organic carbon mapping from Sentinel-2 satellite imagery; a case study in Bavaria state” .

Next, Dr. Laura Poggio from ISRIC – World Soil Information (Netherlands) provided insights about the “Integration of high-resolution earth-observation products for soil organic carbon mapping in permanently vegetated areas. An example for Bavaria”

Linked with the previous presentation, Dr. Uta Heiden from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology Institute (Germany) presented the lecture “Employing data-driven threshold derivation to build temporary bare soil reflectance composites from multispectral data across Europe”.

Finally, to close this interesting session, Dr. Mª Julia Yagüe Ballester from GMV Aerospace and Defence SAU (Spain), presented the evolution, work done and status of the “WORLDSOILS Monitoring System” that is being implemented in the WorldSoils project. During her lecture, all interested participants were invited to join in the stakeholders’ project group.